Thursday, August 6

Google Earth!

Google Earth is a highly interactive tool for students of any age. With the technology to even see streets, I had so much fun looking at all the places I used to live. :)

History and geography are subjects that mostly require imagination because there isnt' much to do in the way of involving and engaging students.

With Google Earth, students can fly accross the world with the click of a button. They can see where life changing events like WW1 and WW2 occured and they can visualise what places look like.

Using Google Earth engages the learners that need to see things to understand and learn (thats students like me.) Younger students can use Google Earth to begin using and understanding maps and measurements. By having a lesson on Google Earth, students could then produce theor own maps, or draw the things they have seen on Google Earth. This could be useful in subjects like art or even graphics.

This tool helps students conceptualise, visualise, share and communicate information about they world they are living in and gives them an understanding of reality. Google Earth also provides students with an authentic focus of the real world which provides students with higher levels of satisfaction towards their learning. (Greg Keasley and Ben Schneiderman, 1998)

  • Easy to use
  • Fun
  • Engaging for everyone


  • Students can easily get distracted with the lack of discipline and choose to view what they want


  • Learning about maps
  • Learning about measurement
  • Locations
  • Famous Landmarks

Grace xx

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