Wednesday, July 29


Get a Voki now!

Voki's are so much fun! I made about 5 today just playing around with the voices and backgrounds. :) It was great.
Voki's are an interactive way to engage both students and teachers and as stated by Greg Kearsley and Ben Schniederman, 'students must be engaged in their coursework in order for effective teaching to occur.'
Teachers can use Voki's to deliver information to the class and have students take notes on important information.
The silly voices and settings grab and captivate younger students attention and engage them in the ways that teachers can't. Voki's can also be used by students themselves, quieter students can express themselves through Voki's where they wouldn't usually have the confidence to do so. Teachers can also use Voki's as a way for students to become different story characters and explain things from different points of view.
Voki's can also provide a useful fool for students that study English as a second language, or students that are studying via distance education.

  • Engaging for all students
  • Use in online education
  • Student participation


  • Not always a personal way of communication


  • Note taking
  • Language teaching
  • Flex education

Grace xx

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  1. I too could spend all day playing with Voki's. My own children use a mathematics software program which uses Voki's as an incentive to earn credits (through solving mathematical problems). The more credits they earn, the better the back ground they can choose or the quantity of accessories etc. Its a great tool to help them be motivated about maths.