Wednesday, July 29

Powerpoint Presentations!

Growing up as what is considered a 'digital native' (Mark Prensky, 2001) Powerpoints have been used in the classroom for as long as I can remember. Through high school, most teachers used powerpoints to engage students whilst they discussed a topic.
By having features such as sounds, pictures and embedding videos into slides, they are a useful tool to deliver information.

Students can also create their own powerpoints, and by incorporating the research they have conducted the information becomes more clearer as they add pictures and effects that suit their research. Younger students can also work in teams to produce powerpoint presentations and they become more engaged and have increased motivation to learn. (Greg Kearsley and Ben Schneiderman)

Having used powerpoint to deliver many oral presentations myself, using the bullet points and pictures as a reminder of what to talk about and not having slides full of information I've noticed that people become more engaged. Because of the lack of useless information on slides, the straight to the point slideshow is engaging for everyone.

  • Engaging pictures and sounds
  • Useful for younger students studying specific topics eg. dinosaurs
  • Good for both teachers and students


  • Sometimes Powerpoints arent used properly and can be very boring eg. lots of information and no pictures


  • Student assignments
  • Delivering information
  • Photo slideshows of student activity

Grace xx

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