Monday, August 3


Flickr is a really cool site that has tonnes of images constantly available to everyone. This is a great idea because in certain searches teachers don't have to worry about whether or not the images are copyright. Students can use these pictures for assignments or teachers could even use them to put up around the classroom.

Some of the photo's I uploaded to Flickr -

My Flickr Account -

I found that to upload images took awhile, im not sure if this was just my computer but this could be a hassle if students are using classtime to upload their own photos.
Using Flickr to engage younger students would be a good delivery technology because technology can facilitate engagement in ways which are difficult to achieve otherwise.(Greg Kearsly and Ben Schneiderman)

  • Constantly available to everyone
  • Easy step-by-step introduction (this is good for younger students)
  • Settings can be changed so only friends and family can access private photos


  • Not everybody likes having their photos published on the internet


  • Individual classes can establish their own Flickr accounts with photos
  • Class presentations
  • Students can access and comment each others photos
  • Documenting school and class events

Grace xx

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