Monday, August 3

Image Manipulation!

Picnik is a great tool for editing photos. Using this program (which is free!) to edit photos for class assignments is a great idea for students.
Assignments with pictures usually require a high standard of presentation and by being able to digitally edit photo's for free is helpful for both students and teachers.

Younger students can also get into photo editing by forming small groups and editing educational photos like the bones in the human body or the planets in outer space. By being engaged, Greg Kearsley and Ben Schneiderman say that students will have increased motivation to learn. Also by being engaged in their coursework, students are more likely to remember the topics they have covered in class.
Photo's I edited in Picnik -
One was my profile picture and the other was a previous image I had uploaded to flickr. The colours of the images have been changed and effects like rounding the edges can be added. I will definatly continue to use Picnik as my editing program of choice. I have previously used Picasa and there are so many things that Picnik offers that Picasa doesn't.

  • Easy to use
  • Free!
  • Engaging and fun for students of any age
  • Links to Flickr accounts, so no double handling of photos
  • Students can edit photos outside of class time
  • You don't even have to register to anything


  • To get all editing features you must upgrade to the premium software and pay


  • Presentations
  • Photo Slideshows
  • Class Photos
  • Students can edit photos and they become interested in what they are learning

Grace xx

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