Tuesday, July 28

Blogs & Aggregators!

Blogging is a useful tool that can be used inside or outside the classroom. Because the internet is constantly available to students and parents,it provides an easily accessible tool for communication.

By teachers setting up a blog about the activites students are engaging in during classtime, parents can see how far their children are coming along and how to continue their development at home. According to Greg Kearsley and Ben Shneiderman, 'the web plays an important role in terms of aquiring information.'

Setting up an RSS Aggregator wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. Turns out by having a blog it would be all set up for me :)

The bonuses of having an RSS Aggregator means that stuff comes to you. There's no need to waste time hunting for information. Using an RSS Aggregator in a classroom provides teachers with the information they need and saves classtime searching for information.

The access of everything becomes so much clearer. If all students had blogs and posted their homework questions on there, it saves both time for themselves and you.


  • Use inside and outside the classroom
  • Constantly accessible
  • Visible to everyone


  • Not all students may have the internet
  • Not everyone will feel comfortable having information on the internet


  • Students information will come straight to them
  • Communication between students and teachers

Grace xx

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