Tuesday, July 28


Wiki's can be a very useful tool for classrooms. By each students using a Wiki, other members of the class can access and comment other students work.
By setting up my Wiki, I was suprised at how easy it was. Being a digital native, using the internet is a pretty regular thing for me and it seems that it keeps getting easier.
Wiki's can incorporate photos, videos and can have many different pages and this can be achieved with the click of a few buttons.

Greg Kearsley and Ben Shniederman's engagement theory states that by emphazing team efforts that involve communication, planning, management and social skills, it increases the motivation of students to learn. Students can engage in collaborative activites and group project by using Wiki's and can access these inside and outside the classroom. Using Wiki's encourages group collaboration and students participating in communicating using these Wiki's.

My Wiki -


  • Everyone can post their thoughts and comments
  • Parents can access these Wiki's communicate with teachers
  • Wiki's record who has participated in discussions so teachers can monitor if students are collaborating


  • Not everyone has the time to sit down create a Wiki and get stuck into it
  • The quality of information accessible on Wiki's isn't always accurate eg. Wikipedia


  • Parent/Teacher comminication
  • Planning class trips
  • Videos can be shown to students using Wiki's, students can post useful classroom videos here

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