Wednesday, August 19

Interactive Whiteboards!

I had heard of interactive whiteboards being used in classrooms before but I have never had the experience of using one myself. I think there is only one school in Mackay that has access to an interactive whiteboard.

From what I have seen in videos and read, the interactive whiteboard does seem like a very interactive tool that students have enjoyed being involved in.

The features of the interactive whiteboard are nothing like I have ever seen before. The computer understands what is being drawn and can produce simulations for what is going to happen. Things can be edited after being drawn and moved after students have seen the final results.

This tool could be used when teaching students about gravity, movement or even flight and the interactive features allow students to try these out for themselves and actually see what happens.

Greg Kearsley and Ben Shneiderman (1998) say that the virtual classroom environment results in better mastery of course materials, greater student satisfaction and a higher level of student reported learning than traditional classroom experiences.

  • Interactive and engaging
  • Big enough for all students to see
  • A different way for students to learn
  • Students can learn more with hands on learning


  • If a class is too big not all students can have a go
  • Expensive


  • Maths
  • Gravity
  • Movement
  • Flight
  • Space

Grace xx

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