Wednesday, August 19

Learning Management Systems!

Learning Management Systems have been involved for me with both school and University use. Learning Management Systems allow students to check and send emails, view assignments for each subject and view news updates within their organisation. Learning Management Systems provide students with a way to access their assignments outside of school and having the option to view tasks online is also better for the environment with less printing of paper.

Learning Management Systems can have access to library pages and catalogues and teachers can add important links of where students can find information. Teachers or lectures could use Learning Management Systems to place subject materials where students can if they were sick and unable to attend a class. Students can also use these links to go ahead with coursework if they feel confident to do so.

Students can also use these systems to access discussion boards to communicate with staff and fellow classmates if they are encountering any problems. This is a great collaboration tool, Greg Kearsley and Ben Schneiderman (1998) say that this collaborative learning tool is a technique that can be applied to any domain.

  • Constantly accessible
  • Communication tool
  • Way for students to show others what they are learning
  • Password protected
  • Not everyone has Internet access
  • Classes can have private Learning Management Systems
  • E-mailing
  • Online yearbooks/publications
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