Wednesday, August 19

Static Website's!

Whilst in high school, I did information technology as a subject. In grade 10 we had to use Dream Weaver (I think that’s what it was called) to create a website for a company that we designed ourselves.
The different layers and codes were very confusing and I had a lot of difficulty creating a webpage. Fortunately the assignment was in teams and I was paired with a dream weaver savvy partner so I did end up learning a bit.

The technology of these programs is difficult to comprehend and the need for younger students to create WebPages just isn’t there. Older students in high school or University could use this program to create pages for each subject or class and put pictures and videos on there, kind of a like simpler version of Mahara.

If students are put together to work in teams for creating a webpage, Greg Kearsley and Ben Schneiderman (1998) say that when students work in teams, collaboration increases motivation of students to learn. Students can use Dream Weaver to make their own pages about themselves or about their class and teachers can even use one for showing students information for their coursework.

Personally, I think a blog or an e.portfolio would be a better way for students to learn this same kind of technology as Dream Weaver is just a bit difficult (for me anyway) to understand.


  • Always accesible
  • Students who are more creative might enjoy this program
  • The end result is satisfying


  • Difficult to use and understand
  • Programs are relativly expensive
  • A lot of explaining would be required


  • Class webpages
  • Students can create their own pages, individually or in groups

Grace xx

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