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Classmarker is a great tool for classrooms. At first I was a bit aprehensive about what to make a test about, then I decided to make it about the Engagement Theory. :)

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Classmarker Quizzes are a way for students to check their knowledge on topics studied in class as often as teachers set the quizzes. Teachers can set these quizzes so that students can undergo them as many times as they need to.

Online Quizzes are alot different to basic tests with pens and paper and because students answers are placed onto the web, it provides an incentive for them to do their best possible work since this can be viewed by their classmates and possibly the world. (Greg Kearsley and Ben Schneiderman)

Quizzes can also be good for younger students aswell as an introduction to online testing because as time goes on, many exams are going to be done online. The multiple choice option is a great tool and teachers could possibly use this to determine what students do know and are learning so they know where more detailed explanations are required.

The quizzes could also be used to determine what students already know before begginning a new unit of work.


  • No wasting paper (better for the environment)
  • Easy to use (good for younger and older students)
  • Helpful for teachers due to less marking


  • Free text questions could be difficult as some students explain things differently
  • Some schools may not have the resources for every student to do their testing online


  • Distance education subjects
  • IT Classes
  • Weekly tests to make sure students are learning what they need to
  • Group discussions and tests to determine what students know

Grace xx

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