Thursday, August 6


I had never used Slideshare before today and I think it is a fantastic tool for classrooms. However I did find that uploading my slideshow took a bit longer then I had expected which could be a slight downside, but I'm not sure if this was just my computer or not.

Slideshare would be a useful tool for classroom teachers. The large amount of presentations would save time for teachers preparing presentations for students. This website can also be of help to older students when conducting research for assignments or class projects.

Using Slideshare as a place to put presentations is a good incentive for students to do the best work that they can. Greg Kearsley and Ben Schneiderman (1998) say that when student projuects are placed on the web, it provides them with an incentive to do their best work because not only will it be viewed by their classmates but possibly the world.

I uploaded a presentation of photos a friend and I made last year for a bit of fun. It's a bit dodgy but we had fun making it. Unfortunatly I don't have a microphone feature on my computer so I couldn't add narration. For some reason the embedding code won't apply to blogger so I've just posted the link below.

Mocktail 08 -


  • Time saving for teachers
  • Generally easy to use
  • Variety of presentations, something for everyone


  • Takes a long time to upload videos, so this might have to be done outside class time


  • Teachers can share presentations
  • Teachers can publish presentations for parents to view
  • Students can publish slideshows for assessments

Grace xx

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