Saturday, August 8

File Storage!

File storage would be a useful tool for many 21st century classrooms. The up to date and easy to use features provide a great alternative to handing in assessment items on paper. File storage would best suit older students, either seniors in high school or university. The need for younger students to use and access this program just isn't really there.

My File -

File storage can be used for group assessment items that just take to long to email around to everybody. Students can publish one file here where it can be accessed by other group members at any time.
Teachers could also use this program to send information to students. Students would then be able to access the file at home whenever they needed to.

This program could also be uses a communication tool between teachers and parents and even provide a way of communicating for students and teachers in their personal lives outside the classroom. Greg Kearsley and Ben Schneiderman (1998) say that the virtual classroom environment results in a better mastery of course materials, greater student satisfaction and a higher level of student-reported learning then traditional classroom experiences.

  • Easy to use
  • Accessible
  • Free
  • Unlimited uploads
  • No software to install


  • Not all students have internet access outside the classroom
  • Not all students may feel comfortable with files on the internet


  • Group assignments
  • Communication
  • Teacher-Teacher sharing
  • Homework delivery

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  1. I thought it may be a great collaborative tool for a cohort of teachers to share resources and lesson plans. Save the trees, anything that reduces the amount of paper we waste them Im willing to convert. Like you said its easy, its free, no software to install and accessible from any computer.