Saturday, August 8

Using Music On The Web!

At first I was slightly aprehensive towards Incompetech. I have never been a fan of downloading unless it's through iTunes because I don't trust many sites with that sort of thing.

I ended up downloading a piece called 'Kick Shock' which is a dance composition by Kevin McLeod that incorporates synth keys, synth drums, triangle and electronics. It didn't take long to download at all which was great and I really enjoyed it.

You can find it here -

Incompetech could definatly be uses in media classes or classes where music is a component. When I was in high school, I did film and television as a subject. When preparing short films and animations, we had to use all our own music and produce our own sound effects if we did wish to include them. From a student perspective, this tool would definatly be helpful in situations like that.

Teachers can use Incompetech for preparing presentations for students and students could even work in groups to produce their own music to upload to Incompetech. Greg Keasley and Ben Schneiderman (1998) say that student collaboration increases motivation to learn and technology can facilitate engagement in ways which are difficult to achieve otherwise.

  • Everything under the creative commons liscence
  • Free
  • All archived to specific dates
  • No registration
  • Quick downloads


  • No way to search for specific things your looking for


  • Student media projects
  • Uploading students own work
  • Classroom presentations

Grace xx

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  1. I like how you have incroprate music onto your blog, as I am a digital immgrative, I would not know how to do this. However great on you for doing it.

    San Diego State University (n.d.), did a review on “The Effects of Background Music on Learning” and establish, “certain types of instrumental music, especially slow-to medium-paced, non-percussive music, is beneficial in several learning situation”. The notion of students’ concentration in a learning environment is being challenged.In fact, complete quiet is nearly impossible because of surroundings sounds: construction and natural and/or artificial environmental noises, hence music is effective in covering up these distractions and a tool for enhancing the learning process.

    San Diego State University. (n.d.). The effects of background music on learning: a review of recent literature. Retrieved August 21, 2009 from